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Training #5 Homework 2

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1 Training #5 Homework 2 on January 13th 2014, 2:21 pm

Summer Escape Week 5

DESCRIPTION:Splash around and make some waves during this week of exciting water games and having fun in the sun! Camps will be transformed into tropical paradises with island activities. Relaxing in the shade is A MUST with a cool, refreshing snow cone while bobbing your head to some Island music. DON’T FORGET- This week will conclude the Summer Escape’s ever popular Cardboard Boat Races!

Every week you will be required to "Create the Environment" for the specific theme week in the order of summer camp. Above is the First Week name and description in our brochure. Please Create the Environment by providing:
1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme

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2 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on April 27th 2014, 6:38 pm

Nothing says summer like warm, sunny days at the beach! The decor for this week must include beach balls, palm trees, flower leis and of course no beach is complete without water! Many of the decorations used for Underwater Ocean Commotion can be incorporated into this week's theme as well.

Arts and Crafts:
Paper Flower Lei- campers can create their own flower lei with construction paper and string/yarn. For greater ease, camp counselors can have flower shapes traced out and ready to cut for campers.

Sand Art- with this craft, campers can have the opportunity to get creative with colored sand. Camp counselors will just need to provide the sand and bottles/containers and campers are ready to mix and match colors in their container. Many of these turn out very beautifully and are something that children can take home and use as a decorative summer piece.

The Great Shell Search-counselors will fill buckets/other small containers with sand and hide at least 10 shells in the sand. Campers will each be given their own bucket/container. When told to do so, campers will begin searching for the shells. The camper that finds all of the shells first wins. Could also give campers an allotted amount of time and determine the winner based on who finds the most shells in the least amount of time.

Flip Flop Frenzy- prior to the game, counselors may want to stock up on a number of inexpensive flip flops (i.e. dollar store flip flops). A pile of flip flops (varying in size and color) will be placed in the center of a hula hoop. Campers will have the task of putting together as many pairs of flip flops as possible. For this game, campers could be split up into 2-3 teams with 2-3 separate piles. Whichever team finds the most pairs in the given amount of time would win.

Water Balloon Toss- campers will pair up and toss a water balloon back and forth to one another, separating themselves farther and farther apart until the water balloon drops and breaks!

Guest Speaker:

Lifeguard- if you did not have a lifeguard come in already during Underwater Ocean Commotion week, this would also be a good opportunity to have a lifeguard come in and discuss some important water safety tips to children.

Another great guest speaker would be a representative from the health department to discuss the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun. I remember as a child going to summer camp and having someone come in and do this. Normally, they give out those cool bracelets that turn darker colors, indicating that the sun's UV rays are harmful at that point.

Special Event:

Luau Party- the end of the week cookout for this week would be transformed into more of a luau with appropriate decorations to fit the theme and reggae/island tunes going. The Luau may also consist of other fun, beach-themed games for the children to play such as pin the coconut on the palm tree, hula hoop contests, and more.

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3 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 4th 2014, 1:25 pm

1. Decorations: Pool noodles, Blow up rafts, Pool tools, Sand buckets, Sand toys, Beach chairs. umbrellas, lifeguard signs, sand dollars, seashells, hula skirts, tiki torches, life guard chair
2. Special Event: Day at the beach water fun day! Sponge races, water balloon toss, a giant slip n slide, water balloon volleyball, water balloon war and other various games involving water. We would let parents and campers know of this ahead of time so campers could bring a change of clothes or bathing suits to participate in the water games.
3. Guest Speaker: Life guard from the pool or from ocean city that could come and talk about water safety.
4. Styrofoam Crabs: Supplies: Styrofoam cup, different colors of craft paint, pipe cleaners in a variety of colors and googly eyes, scissors, paint brushes, glue
Footprint flip flops: Thick cardstock paper, paint in various colors, markers, stickers, paint brushes.
5. Water balloon volleyball: Equipment: volleyball net, beach towels, water balloons. Rules: two equal and even teams. Two people will share a beach towel. The beach towels will be used to catch and toss the water balloons over the net. If the water balloon bursts on your team the other team gets a point.
Water balloon battleship: Equipment: Volley ball net, dark colored tarp. Lower the volleyball net and drape the tarp over the net: Rules: divide into two teams. Teams will lay down on their side of the net in various spots and positions. While laying down teams take turns throwing a water balloon over the net, if a member of the other team gets hit that person is out of the game. The team with the last person standing wins.
Sponge Brigade (low active): Equipment: Large Sponges, buckets, water: Rules: Divide players into two even teams. Players will lie down side by side with alternating directions with head and feet. Place a bucket filled with water at one end of each line. The object is for the teams to pass the large soaked sponge with their feet and get their sponge in the bucket first.

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4 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 4th 2014, 7:37 pm

Anything and everything beach related
Pool noodles
Beach chairs
Inflatable animals, maybe a turtle/whale/dolphin
Blow up kiddie pool
Sand toys
Beach Balls
Sun hats
Beach towels
Beach ball/floatie arch for doorway

To end this week with a splash, I think that we should have giant KKSE beach blowout!! There would be tiki torches, leis, BBQ, limbo, island music playing in the background, the works. We could also have some fun water toys like a slip and slide and maybe a blow up pool for the kids to splash around in; a water balloon fight or a water gun game may ensue to make sure the kids and counselors are being kept cool in the sun!

For this week it would fun and interesting if we could have a lifeguard come and talk to the kids. Since we will be in the water it’s important to talk to them about water safety and it’s also fun for the kids to demonstrate what they already know about how to stay safe. If a lifeguard wasn’t an option we could have a swim coach or a swimmer from the university come and talk to the kids and demonstrate different kinds of swimming techniques.

Footprint + handprint lobster: red paint, blue paper, googley eyes, red marker, black paint, black marker, paintbrushes, and glue

Paper plate sea turtles: paper plates, green construction paper, yellow/green/brown tissue paper, scissors, glue, goggley eyes, green/black marker.

High activity – Wet shirt relay: Fill four buckets with water and place them about 10 feet apart in a straight line. Put a t-shirt in each. Divide the group into four teams, and have each team line up across from a bucket, about 30 feet away. Once the race begins, the first member runs to the bucket, puts on the wet t-shirt, and runs back to his/her team. When he/she reaches the team, he/she removes the shirt and gives it to the next person. The next person runs with the shirt in hand to the bucket, dunks the shirt into the water, and puts on the wet shirt. The first teams to have all players finish the task wins!

Medium activity – Hot potato water balloon style: Played just like Hot Potato! Campers get in a circle and start passing the water balloon around when the music begins. When the music stops they get to break the water balloon on the person's head to their left! Each time we started a new balloon we changed the song to keep it fun and interesting! Perfect for a hot day!

Low activity - Dead fish: What do Dead Fish do? Exactly… nothing! Explain that the rules are to be the best Dead Fish by being as “lifeless” as they can. Give them a few seconds to get all the wiggles and laughs out. As soon as you start, walk around and tag people ‘out’ that are moving or laughing. Allow those that are out to help you by trying to get people to laugh and respond.

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5 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 4th 2014, 9:15 pm

Decorations: Some decorations could be some beach balls, leis, and blue streamers could represent some waves. Also some sand toys, having some blow up rafts would also be cute to put around the site. Some beach towels you can lay around as well.
Special Event: Have a big BBQ outside that is beach related. Have some different water games that the kids like. For example, water balloon toss, slip in slide, water guns, volleyball, something that will keep the kids wet so they aren’t so hot in the beating sun. Also have a little cook out for all the kids, like a summer BBQ.
Guest speaker: For a guest speaker you could have a lifeguard to come in and talk about the important information that they have to look out for to keep everyone safe in the pool. Also give them some pointers on how to make sure they will always be safe in the water.
2 arts and crafts:
Styrofoam cup sea crabs- The material you would need for this would be Styrofoam cups, paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Then you can paint the cups and then the pipe cleaners would be the legs and the claws. They can be creative too and make different color ones instead of all of them being just red.
Sand art- the materials you would need would be different color sand and glass bottles. They would be able to put different color sand in their bottles to make it look cool.
3 high active/low active games:
Low activity-The kids could play some limbo. That isn’t much moving around but with the music and everything I think the kids would have fun with that.
Low activity- A water balloon toss, have the kids pick a partner and then keep separating them further apart from each other to see who can catch it the farthest.
High activity-beach ball baseball. You have blow up beach ball and then have bases and have two different teams. When your up to bat you are using your hands to bat the beach ball as far as you can to make it on base.

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6 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 5th 2014, 8:01 pm

Summer Splash Beach Bash

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
A lot of decorations can be made with large rolls of paper (beach balls to hang on the walls, a huge sun, palm trees, waves) There could even be paper laid on the ground in a corner for "sand"; the campers can then put their towels here each day since there will most likely be some sort of water activity each day.

2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
An all out Kids Klub water day! Bring out the SLIP N' SLIDE! Water Balloons/Water Balloon Fight, also have volleyball and/or badminton set up for outdoor activities. If we can, bring in a grill and have another cookout day.

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
A lifeguard or College Swimmer. A lifeguard could talk about the importance of water safety and all of the training they had to do to become a lifeguard. If we had a swimmer come in they could talk about how much they have to swim each week to practice for their meets, this would be interesting since a lot of campers take swim lessons.

4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
Paper Plate Sea Turtle - paper plate, construction paper, goggly eyes, markers/paint. The counselors could have a pre-cut turtle head and legs and show the campers how to make a turtle by gluing the head and legs to the paper plate. They can then decorate it however they want.

Egg Carton Crab - egg carton (cut into singles) pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, paint/markers. Paint the single egg carton and attach the pipe cleaner for legs and the google eyes to the front. (We could ask parent to bring in empty egg cartons because each egg carton would be enough for 12 kids)

5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
Beach Towel Volleyball - high active - Form 2 teams. Have each team stand on either side of the volleyball net. Each team must divide into pairs and each hold an an of a towel. (ex. you may have 6 people, 3 towels on each side) A water balloon is used at the volleyball and teams must work together to get the water balloon over the net to the other side to score.

Drip Drip Splash (Drop) - Low active - this is a good game when it's hot outside and there is time to kill. The goose gets water dropped on their head and the "it" says splash instead of goose.

Sponge Relay - high active - This is a relay race done with wet sponges carrying water rather than just running. A team must run to the other side where there will be a large bucket of water. They must then fill up their sponge with water and carry it ABOVE THEIR HEAD to the other side where they will squeeze the water into a smaller bucket. The first team to fill their smaller bucket wins.

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7 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 9:47 am

1. Decorations: Palm trees, beach balls, leis, flowers, beach posters, lifeguard signs, beach chairs, umbrellas, and beach towels (a lot of the decorations from underwater ocean commotion can be reused and revamped here).
2. Special Event: Luau! At the end of the week cookout, transform camp into a giant luau. Have Hawaiian/reggae/beachy music playing in the background, bring "beachy" snacks (have a "sand cake" for dessert, which is just cake with crumbled up vanilla wafers or a similar cookie on top to look like sand), have different beach games set up, like volleyball or frisbee and more! Make this day like a trip to the beach for the kids, especially since some of them may not get to go to the beach often...bring the beach to them!
3. Guest Speaker: If a lifeguard didn't come to underwater ocean commotion, this is the week to have them come! If they did, bring in an expert of summer safety, who can remind the kids the important of wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, and more.
4. Games:
-Volleyball Tournament: Set up a short net either indoors or outdoors, and have a volleyball tournament throughout the week using a beach ball volleyball (safer than a regular volleyball, the younger kids can play, and its more challenging because it's hard to control where the beach ball goes). Set up the tournament so that kids of similar ages are playing, and even if you are out of the tournament, you still get to play a game that day.
-Beach Bash Relay: (high active) have the kids break into teams and complete a relay that involves: putting on a hula skirt and dancing for 10 seconds, "swimming" to one point and back, "surfing" for 10-15 seconds (balancing on something like you would a surfboard) and more.
-Treasure hunt (low active): have the campers follow clues and go on a treasure hunt around camp to find "buried treasure". Team the younger campers up with older ones so they have help figuring out the clues.
5. Crafts:
-Leis: use either fake flower petals or paper petals and short piece of colored drinking straws and thread them onto a piece of string. Tie it around their neck and they have a lei for the luau later that week!
-Ocean in a bottle: fill an empty water bottle up 2/3 of the way, and then drop a few drops of blue food coloring to make the ocean nice and bright. Add shells, sand, foam fish/sea creatures to the bottle, and then fill the rest of the bottle with oil. Put the lid on and tape it shut. Shake the bottle and you have an ocean you can take with you wherever!

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8 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 12:53 pm

1. Decorations for Beach Bash week should make everyone feel like they are at a beach party! I would use blow up palm trees, fake coconuts, surfboards, and various other beach themed object to make the camp feel like a summer oasis. The camp could also have beach balls and other fun toys to make it feel like a beach bash!

2. A special event for this week could be a trip to the beach! We could have sandcastle making competitions, sand volleyball, and other fun beach games! Parents would have to sign waivers for their children to participate, and the counselors would have to take a lot of care and caution to ensure safety.

3. A good speaker for this week would be a lifeguard. The lifeguard would be able to talk to the children about beach and water safety. Considering our locations, I’m sure there would be a lifeguard willing to come talk about his/her job with the children, most likely for free.

4. Paper Plate Crabs!
Materials: Paper Plates, Red and Black paint, white cardstock, scissors.
The children paint the bottom of the paper plate red. Using the white cardstock cut the legs and claws of the crab. Paint the legs and claws red. Once dry, attach them to the dry crab body. Using white cardstock and black paint make eyes for the crab, when dry attach them to the body!!

Beach Towel Decorating
Materials: Plain white towel, tie-dye, fabric paint, puff paint, stencils, fabric marker
The children could decorate the beach towel however they want, and then use it all summer long! They’ll be able to keep it as a great memory of a fantastic summer!

5. Beach Ball Volleyball
The children can be divided into teams and play either a single game or a tournament. The game works like volleyball, only is played with a beach ball. It would be considered high active, and can accommodate a large number of campers.

High Tide/Low Tide

The children each play individually for this game. When the counselor yells, “High Tide” all children run to one side of the gym. When the counselor yell, “Low Tide”, all children run to the other side. Various other commands such as “Sun Tan” (children lay on their backs), “Surfer” (children pretend to surf), and “Sandcastle” (children find 2 people to make a sand castle with) can also be yelled by the counselor. Children who perform the wrong action are eliminated. Throughout the progression of the game, the commands are yelled faster and faster. This is a high active game accommodating many campers.

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9 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 1:15 pm

ENVIRONMENT. I would start very basic, maybe just a big sun with some blue and yellow for water and sand. Then have the campers decorate the space as they envision it. Construction paper, campers can decorate cut out surfboards, tropical birds, flowers, flat Stanley cut outs with bathing suits, umbrellas, palm trees.

Dance party: island music, after the cook out Friday. If we made leis and grass skirts in arts and crafts, campers could wear them.

DNR officer from Assateague or Roaring Point to talk about the things that make up our ecosystem in our “tropical paradise.”
There is also travel exotic pet shows, such as Reptiles Alive and Nature Center on the Go, but I do believe there is a cost.

colored sand jars – sand, food dye, jars or bottles
message in a bottle – campers write a letter home of their summer camp experience; requires plastic water bottle (reuse), a little sand, paper, pen, shells, paper and markers to decorate a new label for the bottle with their to: Mom & Dad from: Camper

low active – One item I would take on a deserted island (the next item has to start with the same letter of the last letter of that word).
High active – monkey in the middle in the swimming pool
High active – chicken fights in the swimming pool (knock your opponent of their partner’s shoulders)

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10 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 2:24 pm

1. Beach balls, noodles, goggles, fins, life guard rings, palm trees, and anything from our under the sea theme!

2. Special event can be the boat race but we can also have a water balloon fight with the kids and the counselors to cool off in the warm weather

3. We can try to get someone from the aquarium to come and guest speak or someone that works in Ocean City and tell the kids the importance of swimming in the ocean, applying sunscreen, and what to watch out for when you are at the beach.

4. Message in a bottle: glass jar, sand, paper, pens, sea shells.

sand art: colored sand, bottles, markers, glitter.

5. Sharks and Minnows: two sharks and the minnows have to get from one side of the gym to the other without being tagged

Ships and Sailors: the kids listen for specific commands to do and the last person to do them is out. The commands can be changed to be more of a beachy theme than a pirate theme.

Sunbathers in the Sand: a beach version of Ghosts in the Graveyard

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11 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 2:31 pm

1. I would raid the dollar store for luau themed decorations--tiki table cloths, plastic coconuts and flamingos. I'd even try to find paper palm trees to put near entrances. Beach balls would be available for the kids to play with when they first arrive.
2. Special event could be a pretend day at the beach party!
3. I have a friend who is a surfing teacher so it would be great to get him to come in and teach the kids some of the tricks he uses to teach beginner surfers. He could talk about his job and show the go pro videos he has taken.
4. The kids could paint and decorate their own mini surfboard photo frames (we could set up a photo booth to make it look like they were surfing). I'd also have students design their own Hawaiian tiki masks.
5. Hula dancing competition, using hula hoops/we could teach them how to hula dance.
Sharks and Minnows is always a solid idea.

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12 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 5:09 pm

1. I would go for a luau theme, tiki torches, leis, posters and cut outs of tropical birds, flowers, palm trees. Tons of beach balls, sea shells and we could reuse decorations from the underwater theme.
2. A luau themed party at the end of the week.
3. An ocean city life guard would be great to have to come in and talk about beach safety.
4.  Painting seashells - Seashells, paints, glitter, googlie eyes : Have kids paint seashells and glu eon googlie eyes to create their own critters

Mini Beach - Paint, Sand, play doh, colored paper, paper plates : Diorama like craft, create your own beach and add mini accessories like palm trees, sea shells, and beach towels to create your perfect mini beach

5. Limbo- A good limbo competition to add to the luau/beach theme
Volleyball - Using beach volleyballs
Crab soccer

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13 Re: Training #5 Homework 2 on May 6th 2014, 5:51 pm

1. Decorations

I would have blue, yellow, lime green, and orange streamers on the ceiling. I would also have blow up totem poles and palm trees. I would also have a small blow up pool with sand and fake fish in it. I would also have cut out of tropical animals on the walls.

2. Special Event

I would have a water day that would have tons of water activities and games. I would also have games that you normally play at the beach and beach themed crafts and snacks that day.

3. Guest Speaker

I would have a life guard from Ocean City come and talk to the kids about the ocean and some safety tips for when they go to the beach.

4. Arts and Crafts

Styrofoam Cup Crabs: styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes, and glue,
Starfish: construction paper with star outlines on it, glitter, glue, and googly eyes.

5. Games

1. Fish, Fish, Shark: this is like duck, duck, goose. It can be low active if you are not the chosen fish and high active if you are the shark or the chosen fish.
2. Volleyball: This would be a high active activity. I played volleyball in high school so I could show the kids some skills and then we could play.
3. Sharks and Minos: if we went to the pool we could play this game and it would be high active. I would have to establish some safety rules first. The objective of the game is to get across the pool without the shark knowing or tagging you and if you are tagged you would become the shark.

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14 CTE week 5 on May 16th 2014, 3:22 pm

Create the Environment:  SUPER SPLASH, BEACH BASH

DESCRIPTION: Splash around and make some waves during this week of exciting water games and having fun in the sun! Camps will be transformed into tropical paradises with island activities. Relaxing in the shade is A MUST with a cool, refreshing snow cone while bobbing your head to some Island music. DON’T FORGET- This week will conclude the Summer Escape’s ever popular Cardboard Boat Races!

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
• Posters of the beach, water, sea creatures
• Palm tree cut outs
• Beach umbrella cut outs
• Island music to play in the background
2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
• A luau
• Having music playing in the background
• Snow cones
• Island-themed games
3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
• A local surfer
4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
• Sunset watercolor painting
o Need: paper, paint, water
• “Aloha” banner
o posterboard
o markers
o paint
o glitter
5. 3 high active/low active games specific to them
• beach volleyball
• throw the lei on the bottles game
• water balloon toss

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15 creating the environment on June 4th 2014, 8:11 pm

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme:
    Decorations could include blow up beach balls, blue and tan tissue paper, and beach themed posters.

2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success:
     At the end of the week there can be special water games and competitions. We would have to set up the games ahead of time and enforce the rules before we start these games.

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program):
     A great guest speaker would be someone from the Ward museum or a professor from the college who studies wildlife, water, environment, etc.

4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed:
    -Personal Beach: 1 plastic bottle per child, sand/or small rocks, and different small items (buttons, animals, rocks, gems)
    -Hula Beach Skirts: yarn or sting, buttons, construction paper, scissors, and glue

5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
   -Water balloon toss (low active)
   -Sponge relay (high active)
   -sharks and minnows (high active)

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