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Training #1 Homework 2

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1Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Training #1 Homework 2 on January 10th 2014, 12:23 pm

Summer Escape Week 1


DESCRIPTION:As the tide turns, we’re back for another summer of Kids Klub! This week, campers will be exploring the underworld! “Sea” if you can spot sharks and mermaids from the camp submarine, and watch out for that coral reef! Kids Klub counselors are ready to get their campers hooked on a Fin-Tastic week!


Every week you will be required to "Create the Environment" for the specific theme week in the order of summer camp. Above is the First Week name and description in our brochure. Please Create the Environment by providing:
1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme

Child Care Headquarters
.:*Be The Change You Wish To See In The World*:.
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2Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 5th 2014, 11:39 pm

1.  Some of the decorations that I would use for the  Underwater Ocean Commotion Theme are: Snorkels and goggles.  Starfish and seashells, some blow up sharks,  different shades of blue streamers to use for water.  Light pink balloons and light pink streamer paper to use for jelly fish, and hang them from the ceiling.  Paper cutouts of sea horses.  Some type of netting to use as a fishing net.  Green streamer paper to use for seaweed.

2.  Fish Tank giveaway-  Contact pet smart for a fish tank and fish donation or purchase a small tank/bowl and a fish.  Students will receive a ticket with their name on it for each day they attend that week and may also receive tickets for good behavior or helping camp staff.  At the end of the week all tickets will be placed in a bucket and a ticket will be chosen at random for the fish tank.  

3.  A certified scuba instructor that could show the equipment used for diving and talk about things they have seen on their scuba dives.  Possibly somebody from Discover Diving

4.  Paper Fish-  Small and large paper plates,  googley eyes,  different color paint, paint brushes, scissors, glue, sharpies, markers, beads, jewels, construction paper

Jelly fish bowls-  paper bowls,  water color paint,  googley eyes, various types of ribbon,  fishing line or string, scissors and glue

5.  Octopus tag-  highly active.  Select 2 students to be it (stand in middle of gym) other students line up on end line.  Have students run to opposite end of gym and stop.  If they are tagged while running they must stand where they were tagged and they are octopus.  They may move their arms to try and tag other people but must keep their feet still.

Sharks and minnows-  highly active.  One person starts out being the shark.  Students line up on end line and are the minnows.  They run to one end line and stop.  If tagged they become a shark.  Last one to be minnow wins.

Crab soccer-  low active-  Divide group into 2 teams-  Each team will have a goal and a goalie. Must stay in the crab walk position and can on use legs and head to score (no hands).  Teams must work together to score goals.  Can use large exercise balls to play or dodgeballs.

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3Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 6th 2014, 9:34 am

Underwater Ocean Commotion

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
Posters we create of mermaids, fish, a "kids klub" submarine, sharks. steamers hung on a wall to create a coral reef. the fish that the campers create. starfish, jellyfish, a kids klub octopus.

2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
An "Underwater" treasure hunt. This would take place outside on Thursday/Friday afternoon, that way they're more places to hide the objects. The students will use the bags they made during the week (arts and craft) to put they're treasures in. The counselors will have hid things such as shells, plastic fish, and anything else we could get from the dollar store that has an underwater theme. Then whichever camper has found the most objects can decide what theme game to play, choosing one that we played throughout the week. (this could also be a group treasure hunt, with less objects, but clues to find the object they're looking for).

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
A guest speaker for this week could be a pet store employee, someone who can explain the different fish/underwater creatures you can buy at a pet store.

4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
treasure hunt bag - each camper will make their own treasure hung bag that will allow them to collect their treasure later in the week. brown paper bags, markers, glue, buttons, construction paper, glitter

make your own fish - each camper can create their own fish, it can do whatever they want it to, they can make up everything. they can then tell everyone about their fish, decorate it how they wish, and we can then hang them up as more decorations. (this would be done in the beginning of the week) construction paper, crayons, markers, glitter, glue, buttons

5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
Underwater Dodgeball - high active- this is played like four corner dodgeball, since dodgeball is a camp favorite. Instead of calling 1-4 each corner will be labeled with pictures. Shells, fish, sharks, and mermaids. Those who are it will call out "shells!" and everyone in that corner will have to run without getting hit.

Sharks and Minnows - high active - Start off with one to three sharks. All of the other campers will line up on the end and try to get to the other side without being tagged. The last minnow wins and can then be the shark for the next game.

Drip Drip Drop - low active - this game is played just like duck, duck, goose. The person who is "it" has a cup of water in their hand and drips water on each "duck" until it pours the rest of the water onto the "gooses" head.
THIS GAME CAN BE PLAYED FOR CAMPERS WHO DO NOT WANT TO GET WET Dolphin Dolphin Shark - low active - this game is played just like duck, duck, goose. It can be played anywhere and is a very good game to play when there is a break between activities.

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4Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 6th 2014, 8:21 pm

Create the Environment- underwater ocean commotion:
1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme
• Posters of underwater sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, starfish, guppies, stingrays, lobsters, etc.
• “seaweed” on the bottoms of posters
• blow up pool animals like sharks and dolphins
• submarine cutout
• jellyfish from plates and streamers
2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
• Water day outside
• Play games like
• Sponge relay
• Water balloon fight
• Tug of war with kiddie pool in between, so team that pulls on the rope the hardest pulls other team into water
• Capture the fish
3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
• A lifeguard from the beach
• Talk about their experience in the ocean training and any sea creatures they have come in contact with (jellyfish, starfish, sand crabs, etc.)
4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
1.  Give each child a piece of construction paper, and have them draw a picture or write words with the glue. Make sure that they do not put gobs of glue in any one spot. 
2.  Before the glue dries, with the hand, pour/put sand onto the glue. Let it sit for a few minutes and then shake off the excess sand. 
3.  It should dry flat for about a half an hour depending on how much glue was used. 
TIP: This can also be done with colored sand--but for those on a budget--regular sand works just as well.
• Materials: A clean, empty two-liter plastic bottle with a cap, clear vegetable oil, water, a funnel, blue food coloring, shells and sea creatures (available from craft stores- be sure to use lightweight items that float), one teaspoon of glitter, white craft glue and a hot glue gun (to be used ONLY by staff or supervised by staff at all times).
• Fill bottle halfway with water.
• Add a few drops of blue food coloring and swirl around to mix.
• Add glitter and sea creatures/shells and then fill bottle the rest of the way with vegetable oil using a funnel.
• Make sure that cap and rim are dry--- and then apply white glue around the rim and seal cap.
• Use a layer of hot glue around the outside edge of the cap for additional protection from leakage.
5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
• Sharks and minnows- students line up on end line. 2 kids are sharks in the middle. End line minnows run from one side of the gym to the other. If they get tagged by the sharks, they become seaweed and stay in the middle. They can’t move their feet, but can move their arms and tag the “minnows”. Last minnow untagged, wins.
• Ship/Shore
• Ship/Shore is similar to Simon Says.
• There is one person that is IT (a.k.a. Simon). IT stands at the front of the group and calls out commands that the rest of the campers must do. If a camper does the wrong action, or if it is an action that requires them to get into groups and there is a person without a group, then they are out.
• Some of the actions are:
• 'Ship' all campers move towards the ship (one side of the playing field)
• 'Shore' all campers move towards the shore (the opposite side of the playing field)
• 'Man overboard' 2 person action. One person gets down on hands and knees. The other person puts one foot on the back of the person on the ground and shades their eyes like they are looking into the distance for someone.
• 'Crows nest' 3 person action. 3 campers get together with their backs towards each other and lock arms.
• 'Captain's coming'. Each person must salute. Campers cant move from 'captains coming' until IT calls 'at ease'. If a player moves, they are out. (similar to in Simon Says when IT says 'jump up and down' rather than 'simon says up and down')
• 'At ease'. All campers put their hands at their sides and can continue when the next action is called.
• 'Hit the deck'. All campers lay down on their bellies.
• 'Three men in a boat'. 3 campers get together in a line and squat. They must act like they are rowing a boat while they sing "Row Row Row Your Boat".
• 'Octopus'. Campers must lay on their backs with their arms and feet waving in the air.
• Tip the (Message in a) Bottle
• Set an empty bottle in the middle of a circle of people holding hands.
• The group then begins to move in a circle, while pulling and pushing each other.
• Whoever knocks the bottle over will then get out of the circle. The game continues until there is one winner.

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5Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 6th 2014, 9:34 pm

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme: There are posters of underwater animals at the dollar store (it would be best to have a few different kinds), different shades of blue streamers, shells, goggles, and blue tissue paper to create an ocean on the walls.

2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success:
A special event could be having an outdoor ocean day (maybe friday). This could be an incentive for being good all week. The campers can play with water balloons, slip n slide, and the marble game mentioned below. The steps for success would be to let the campers know they must have good behavior to attend the outdoor ocean day. Remind them what good behavior we are looking for. A few of the counselors can set up the outdoor games early in the morning so that it would be set up by the time it happens (maybe after lunch).

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program):
I have been to the ward museum for education classes and there are speakers that teach you about the different ecosystems in the world. I think that one of these speakers would be beneficial to the students especially because we live so close to water. This speaker can talk about the different wildlife that lives in the ocean and ways to keep it clean. I think this would be a fun learning opportunity for the campers.

4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed:
-Make a jellyfish: We will need plastic grocery bags, clear hair rubber bands, wooden stick, food coloring/ markers, scissors.
The campers will use food coloring or markers to color the bag blue (or whatever color they want). Be careful of messy hands! Then turn the bag inside out and put the rubber band around the bag at the half way mark. Then use another bag to cut out strips (they may need help with this). Place the stick in the main colored bag (into the rubber band) and then use another band to attach the strips where the stick is attached. The main bag creates the body of the jelly fish and the strips are their stingers.
-Fish bowl: we will need construction paper, dried beans, beads, scissors, markers.
The campers will draw a fish bowl on construction paper and then cut it out. Next they will trace their hand on another colored construction paper and then cut it out (this will be the fish). They can glue beans on the bottom of the bowl to create rocks. They can color their hand to create a colorful fish. They can use the beads for bubbles in their bowl.

5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme:
-'CLAMMING' FOR MARBLES. (high active). Materials: Wading pool, marbles and optional sand
Fill a wading pool with water and the dump marbles into it.
The sand can also be added.
The object is for team members to wade in a small pool and try to recover marbles (clams) with their toes --and place them in their bucket.
-'BEACH TIME' RELAY RACE (high active)
Beach bag filled with game item
A lawn chair for each group.
Each team will "go to the beach" in relay fashion carrying the lawn chair and the beach bag.
Each person...
1. Must set up the chair
2. Open the umbrella
3. Lay out the towel
4. Put on the sunglasses
5. Sit
6. Open the magazine
7. Repack before returning for the next person to go.
-Dolphin, Dolphin, Shark (high active)
this is like duck, duck, goose but ocean themed.

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6Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 7th 2014, 2:03 pm

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme.
Some objects I would need would be, construction paper to make different sea creatures to put around the room. Blue and white balloons that could be represent bubbles. Some streamers that could represent the water. Then some objects could be sand buckets, seashells, and maybe some starfish.

2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success.
At then end of the week we should have some sort day that consist of all water activities outside. That could be water balloon fights, having a sprinkler the kids could run through, or a slip and slide. Also having a water gun fight would be an idea.

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program).
For a guest speaker you could try and get someone from an aquarium to come and talk to the kids about the different sea animals they have there. Also the speaker could just give the kids some educational objectives on what they have to do that their job and how they have to maintain the sea creatures.

4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
Message in a bottle- the supplies you would need would be bottles for all the kids and paper and makers. What you could do is have the kids draw different things or write different ideas and then have them roll up the paper and put it in the bottle for a cute little souvenir.
Making jellyfish- the supplies you would need would be different color streamers, string, and paper plates. With these materials have the kids color the paper plates as a body for the jellyfish and then use the streamers and string as the jellyfishes stingers.

5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
Sharks and minnows- high active game- the kids would be running.
Volleyball-high active game- when I think of the beach I think of beach volleyball. This could be a high active game because kids could be running around for the ball.
Water balloon toss- low active game- the kids are just standing across from their partner tossing water balloons hoping that they don’t drop and break, not really much running.

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7Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Under Water Ocean Commotion on April 7th 2014, 11:58 pm

    OCEAN/BEACH WEEK! Well for the kid’s, this will be their version of it. Ocean and beach items will be the focus for decorations for this week including: umbrellas, sun shades, pins and pales. The campers will also get to create “Sand in a Bucket;” a delicious treat that matches the week!

Guest Speaker: Local Lifeguard or Ocean Guard
The guard will teach precautions to take to the ocean and what to do in a water emergency through games in which the campers can participate in.

Arts & Crafts:
    Flip Flop Footprint Art. A very simple art project that involves only the camper’s feet and craft paint.  
    Hanging Jellies. These unique crafts can make the whole classroom into a nautical world!
    Ocean Themed Cupcakes. The campers will decorate their very own cupcake with pretzels and goldfish to simulate a fishing picture.

    Ocean Bingo. Make bingo cards using stickers, luau-theme clip art, or pre-cut foam shapes. Think ocean: palm trees, surfboards, beach shovels and pails, bright flowers, etc. First child to get bingo wins. This is a low-active game.
    Pass the Kiwi. A fun luau team game! Children tuck in the kiwi under their chin and shoulder, race to their teammate, and pass the kiwi to them without using their hands. If the kiwi is dropped, it can be put back into place using hands. Depending on the size of the kids, the fruit can be switched to bananas, mangoes, oranges, or passion fruit. This is a high-active game.
    Sharks and Minnows. One child is a "shark"; the rest are "minnows". The shark tags the minnows, which then turn into "seaweed". Once turned into seaweed, they cannot move their feet but can help the shark by tagging other minnows with their arms. The winner of the game is the last remaining minnow.
  (With Guest Speaker)

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8Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 8th 2014, 12:55 am

Fish net with sea themed name tags for all the kids i.e. crabs, seahorses, fish, starfish, mermaids, sharks, submarines
-Could also be used for behavior management/knowing number of kids at the site at all times
-Kids move name when they arrive/if they get a warning/in trouble move name tag to strike zones
-Have spaces for kids to move their names to here/absent/bathroom
Variation of blue/green colored streamers
Coral reef scene
Jelly fish ceiling decoration – make jellies to demonstrate craft to kids
1st day – each kid gets a baggie of goldfish crackers
“Shark bites” little shark cutouts that have a blurb about what will be going on every day that week so the kids get an idea of the schedule
Blow up shark/dolphin/floaties

Have a beach party! As a welcome to KKSE we could throw a schools out for summer beach party. Play beach music and beach-ball volley ball; put umbrellas in the drinks, limbo dance, make leis! Maybe play a game of “fishing” like the carnival game where fish float in a kiddie pool and the campers would fish for them and then win some sort of little prize. To wind down after we could possibly watch Finding Nemo with a trivia game to keep it interesting.

Possibly get a speaker from the aquarium in Ocean City to talk to the kids about the different kinds of sea life we have right next to us!

Shark hat – paper plate, blue paint, white paper, twine, hole punch, scissors, glue
Hanging jellies – paper bowls, pink/purple/white paint, streamers, and balloon string, hole punch
Fish aquarium – paper plates, blue saran wrap, small decorative rocks, blue/green paint, paper for fish and decorations, scissors

High activity: Sharks and minnows – a few campers are sharks and the rest of the campers are minnows. All of the minnows must make it across the gym/ocean without getting tagged

High activity: Ships and sailors – everyone in the group plays with one person (most likely counselor) calls out different actions
•Captain's Coming!: Everyone stands at "attention" (in a salute), and they can’t move from this position until the caller says, "At Ease!" If they laugh or break from the attention, they are dismissed.
•To the ship!: Players run to the right.
•To the shore!: Players run to the left.
•Man Overboard!: One person drops to one knee the other stands behind them, puts a hand on their shoulder. Both scan the ocean for the overboard man
•Crows Nest!: Three players stand backs to each other and lock arms at the elbows to form the crows nest.
•Mess Table!: Four players squat in a circle like sitting at table and pretend to eat like they haven't eaten in days. Tell them to make really loud eating sounds like "YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!"
•Walk the Plank!: Five people stand in a single file row hands on the shoulders of person in front of them
•3 men rowing: 3 players. Get in a line and pretend to row a boat while singing "row row row your boat".
•4 men pointing north: 4 players. All get into a circle and point up.
•5 men eating: 5 players. Get in a circle and pretend to eat.
•Sea Sick: 1 player. Pretend to throw up.
•Beached Whale: 1 player. Lays on the ground while acting like a beached whale and making weird sound
•Hit the deck- fall to the floor on your stomach

Low activity: Bubble fun – allow kids to play with bubbles outside. We could get different types of bubble wands, maybe some bubble makers and let the kids have at it. Maybe make a competition out of who can make the biggest bubble.

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9Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Under Water Ocean Commotion on April 8th 2014, 1:32 am

- Shades of blues and greens truly create the underwater feel that campers are looking forward to for this week.
-Blue and green streamers hanging from the walls and ceilings are a great way for re-create the seaweed and ripples in the water.
-Inflatable sea creatures, shells, and other objects that represent ocean life.

Arts and Crafts:
-Rainbow Fish

  • Using an old CD, construction paper, googly eyes and sparkling sequins, campers are given the opportunity to create their own version of rainbow fish as seen in the popular story! Counselors can even read the story to capers prior to doing the craft.

-Ocean in a Bottle

  • Campers will create their own "ocean" by filling an empty water bottle halfway with water,adding a few drops of blue food coloring, glitter, and tiny sea creatures/shells! (vegetable oil will need to be added to the mixture to create the proper consistency.)  


  • Campers will follow a series of commands from the counselor. Commands such as "Hit the Deck" and "Man Overboard" will have corresponding movements and actions. Anyone that makes a mistake when a specific command is called or does not have the proper number of people in a group to complete a command will be eliminated. The last person remaining in the game wins.

-Clamming for Marbles

  • Camp counselors will prepare for this game by filling a small wading with marbles(clams). Campers will be split into teams of 2-3 and will be instructed to pick up as many clams as they can with their toes and place them in their designated bucket! Whichever team or player that round recovers the most marbles wins!

-The Ocean is Calm

  • Children sit scattered about the play area on geometric shapes.
    Without telling the others, each child is assigned a creature that lives in the ocean on the back of their mat.One player is chosen as the fisherman.
    The teacher/caregiver calls out, "The ocean is calm".
    Moving about the play space, the fisherman calls out names of various fish or sea creatures such as:
    Shark, eels, star fish, sting ray, clams, squid, etc.
    When a player hears the name of the creature they have been given. They get up and walk behind the fisherman.
    When most of the players have been called out, the facilitator calls out, " The ocean is stormy".
    At this, all the children already caught must find new seats.
    The child without a seat becomes the next fisherman.

Guest Speaker:

  • Lifeguard- last summer I personally came in as a guest speaker for North Salisbury to talk to their site about water safety. The kids seemed to enjoy learning about how to properly behave around water and even participated in a game to test their knowledge in the end. It was also comforting that I was a lifeguard at the pool that the kids visited every week.

Special Event:

  • Wacky Water Day

- Campers can enjoy a day filled with water balloon fights, slip and slides and more!

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10Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 8th 2014, 12:37 pm

•The decorations that I would use for the Underwater Ocean Commotion theme would include
different shades of blue streamers to hang on the ceiling of the main area that we will be located
in. I would also get a mini blow up pool that has a fish theme on it and fill it with blow up sea
creatures like a dolphin, sea horse, and fish. I would also get different cut outs of sea creatures to
place on the walls. I would look into getting plastic table clothes like orange, blue, yellow, and
green to provide a pop of color and help create the underwater feel.
2.Special Event
•I would have an outside water day during the week. It would run sort of like a field day type
experience with different stations that each had a different water based activity. I would strive to
get to camp earlier than normal in order to set up the stations. I would also allow have most of
the equipment needed ready before going to set it up that morning. I would have a water balloon
toss and I would have filled up the balloons already and placed them in a cooler until we need
them. If the school allowed it we could have chalk paint and the students could create an
underwater scene using the paints on the sidewalk. We could also have a sponge relay or a water
relay where the kids go through an obstacle type course with a cup of water or a wet sponge; they
would work in teams and try to complete the course first. I would have the course already planned
out and all of the equipment needed ready to be set up that morning.
3.Guest Speaker
•I would look into getting a worker from the aquarium to come and speak to the kids about
different sea creatures and different aspects of underwater life.
4.Arts and Crafts Projects
•Egg Carton Turtles
i.Egg cartons (already cut up into the single egg carton cups for each child), paint, paint
brushes, craft foam (already has the turtle shaped drawn on it), scissors, glue, googly eyes and
a magnet.
•Paper Bag Jellyfish
i.Paper bags, googly eyes, glue, paint brushes, paint, glitter glue, paper plate (to put paint on)
and scissors (ones with the different patterns).
•Octopus Tag
i.This is a game that is high active. This game starts with one child being the octopus and the
rest of the children stand in a line at the opposite end of that person. Once the game beings the
person who is it tries to tag the other children and if a child is tagged they also become and
octopus but they are stuck where they are tagged. These kids can tag someone by moving their
arms and if that person gets tagged they also turn into an octopus. This game goes until
everyone is an octopus.
•Drip, Drip, Drop
i.This is a game that is similar to Duck, Duck, Goose. Instead of patting another person on the
shoulder or head you give them a sponge and they squeeze little drops onto each child’s head
and when they want to drop the water they wring the whole sponge out on someone. This can
be both a low and high active game depending on what role you are playing.
•Pin the Tail on the Whale
i.This would be a low active game. This is like pin the tail on the donkey. The child who is up will
have a blind fold on and they will try to pin the tail onto the whale. The winner would be the
person who is closest to pinning the tail in the correct place.

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11Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 8th 2014, 4:42 pm

1. I would create this environment by truly transforming the camp into and underwater world. I would make cutouts of sea creatures such as fish, crabs, jellyfish, and maybe an octopus to put up around the cafeteria/gymnasium. I would also help to create the environment by "dressing the part" such as wearing a snorkel and flippers in order to pretend to be a diver.

2. A special event that could occur to make the week memorable could possibly be a movie day. This would be a good event because it could be done rain or shine. The children could help select which underwater themed movie they want to watch, and there could be a supply of underwater themed snacks provided such as fish-shaped fruit snack, and other goodies.

3. I think a good guest speaker for the underwater ocean commotion week would be someone who works around ocean life. Based on our location, I’m sure there would be someone willing to come speak about protecting and conserving the ocean environment.

4. Plastic Bottle Jellyfish
• Cut off bottom of a plastic bottle
• Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green paint
• Multi-colored Ribbon
• Large Google Eyes
• One-hole Punch
The cut off bottom of the water bottle serves as the head of the jellyfish. The kids can paint the head in their favorite color, and then attach two google eyes. Punch several holes around the circular part of the bottle bottom. Tie desired color ribbons through holes to create tentacles.

Egg Carton Lobster
• Red Paint
• Egg Cartons
• Red pipe cleaners
• Hole punch
• Small Google eye
• Scissors
Sections of the egg carton form the body of the lobster. Paint the section red, and punch hole along the base of the carton. Attach pipe cleaners as legs and claws, and google eyes to finish.

5. Game 1- Octopus Tag- High Activity
• Duration: Any length of time
• Skill Level: Low
• Group Size: Any
• Age Level: Any
Someone in the group interview used Octopus tag as his or her game, and I think it fits really well here. The person who is “it” is the “octopus”. When another player is tagged, that person also becomes an Octopus. The tagged person can only move their arms to tag other people, while the original octopus continues to chase other players. The games ends when all players have become “octopi”. To make it more challenging, free running players can “untag” previously tagged players.

Game 2- Shark Attack-High Activity
• Duration: Any length of time
• Group Size: Medium (15-20)
• Age Level: Any
Place 3 to 5 hula-hoops within a marked off section of the play area. These are the fish “homes”. Counselors will give each child a card; on each card will be the word “fish” or the word “shark”. There should be far less sharks than fish, for example, in a group of 20 children there should be 2-3 sharks. After each child has been assigned a character, all children can run around the game area. When a counselor yells “Shark Attack”, the “sharks” begin to chase after the fish while all the fish run into their hula-hoop “homes”.

Game 3- Who am I? - Low Activity

The children sit in a circle facing one another. Each child draws a card from the deck that has the name of an underwater animal (i.e. shark, fish, dolphin, crab). Without looking at the card, they place it on their forehead. The children then take turns going around the circle asking yes or no questions in order to determine what underwater animal they are.

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12Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 8th 2014, 5:04 pm

1. The first thing I think of when I think under the sea is a certain sponge. I'm thinking lots of Sponge Bob decorations, blue streamers, seashells, and prints of sea creatures.

2. At the end of the week we could show the Sponge Bob movie as a treat and or have a water day with slip 'n slides, sponge tosses, etc.

3. It would be easiest to get a certified life guard to come in and talk to the kids about their training and what they've gone through on the job as well as safety.

4. Giant Fish- Have each child decorate a paper plate with tissue paper, markers, stickers, etc. Then combine all paper plates to make a giant fish. The plates making up the scales.

Ocean in a bottle- Using a recycled water bottle, food coloring, vegetable oil, glitter, small plastic sea creatures you can create your own portable aquarium.

5. Fish, Fish, Shark!
- Underwater version of Duck, Duck, Goose!

Gone Fishing
- Scavenger type game with fish hidden everywhere and a treasure chest.

Sharks and Minnows
- One person is a shark and tags the minnows until everyone is a shark.

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13Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 14th 2014, 11:00 pm

1. Providing a description of decorations you will need to ensure your space is fitting to the theme:
Construction paper to make fish, seahorses, coral, merpeople. Blue streamers to outline waves on a wall. A net with a sign that says “Caught Working Hard” or "O-fish-ally Caught being Fin-tastic" for good behavior (can put a seahorse/fish/merperson that they decorate in arts and crafts around the net, and then in the net)
2. An idea for a special event for the theme week and steps to ensure success
Each age group makes up a dance to “Under the Sea” and performs at the end of the week. Groups to hold practices throughout the week.

3. A guest speaker for the week that would be accessible (no celebrities, unobtainable people/groups- people you can actually have a chance of booking without cost to the program)
Lifeguard: to talk about rip tides, organisms local to our waters, rarity of shark attacks, what to do with a sea nettle sting, and the importance of always swimming with a buddy.
4. 2 arts and crafts projects specific to theme and supplies needed
Arts and Crafts: design your own “aquarium” three dimensional art projects made with shoe boxes (campers to bring shoe boxes, camp to provide glue, construction paper, tooth picks, fishing wire, boggle eyes, scissors, glitter, pipe cleaners)
Arts and Crafts: make a fish piñata (balloons, tissue paper, newspaper, flour, water, and salt, paint and paint brushes)
5. 3 high active/low active games specific to theme
High Active game: ship to shore game that Anna taught at the first interview! That was fun even for the adults ☺
High Active Game: Sharks and merpeople tag
High Active Game: Capture the “seashell” (flag)
Low Active Game: Scavenger hunt of sea-related items, such as star fish, shells, plastic fish, coral (nerf balls), bubbles
Low Active Game: Finding Nemo movie

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14Training #1 Homework 2 Empty Re: Training #1 Homework 2 on April 15th 2014, 12:50 am

1. Decorations: anything blue and ocean related! We could have a wall of blue paper where crafts of different sea creatures can be hung, jellyfish made from streamers hanging from the ceiling, and more. We can also set up a 'beach zone' off to the side with towels and beach chairs that kids can utilize to relax in, read their books and play their DS when it's time. Campers can even bring their own towels to add to the area.
2. Special Event: Beach Party! Expand the 'beach zone' indoors or take it outside. Play beachy music, have games of beach volleyball running, play different water games, and allow the kids to hang out and pretend like they are spending a day at the beach!
3. Guest Speaker: Have a local lifeguard come in and talk about the importance of water safety and give advice on things they can keep in mind throughout the summer.
4. Crafts:
Paper Plate Fish: Create fish using paper plates, paint, glue, tissue paper, googly eyes, markers and any other craft supply the campers see fit and have them incorporate their name in it somehow. Have them hang their creations on the blue wall to create a school of fish, showing off to the parents all of the campers who are attending that week.
Sunglasses Decoration: Get pairs of wacky sunglasses from the craft store and have the kids decorate them and wear them for the beach party. The classes could be real or fake (foam), and the decorations used would depend on what type of sunglasses were bought. Either way, paint and stickers are most likely to be utilized.
5. Games
Chum Toss (low active) - have kids toss bean bags into a piece of poster board that looks like a shark with its mouth open. Or, do a bean bag toss through inflatable rings you would use in a pool.
"The shark bit my bucket!" (high active) - treat this as a relay. Have kids travel with a cup full of water from one location to another, and empty their cup of water into a bucket. The trick is, the cup will have little holes in the bottom of it where the shark "bit" it, causing water to spill out as they walk. The team that collects the most water at the end wins!
Water balloon toss (low active) - done on a water day. Have kids of similar ages partner up and toss a water balloon back and forth, getting farther and farther away until their balloon pops. Keep playing until only one team remains.

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