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Training #3 Homework 1

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Hbutts1 wrote:I think the most important thing for preventing injury and keeping children safe during the summer camp is to establish rules, and to be a good model of safety. On the first day of each week, I would go over a set of safety rules with the campers to make sure they all understand the rules, and to give them the opportunity to ask any questions about why certain rules exist. This way children will understand hat we as counselors have rules to keep them safe, not just to be strict. I would then make sure that I am always following the rules myself. For example, if the rule states to remain seated while the bus is in motion, I will not get out of my seat during the bus ride. Modeling the expected behavior will show the campers that everyone has to abide by the safety rules, therefore showing the children that the rules are valid and have a purpose. When campers do something unsafe, they should be reminded of the rules.

I like your idea of going over the rules on the first day of each week, instead of just only doing it once at the start of camp in June. This is a great way to continuously remind the campers of what is expected and the consequences they will face if they fail to follow them. Also following the rules yourself is another good point. Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate!

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